LATEST NEWS: JAM MUSIC LAB has just been accredited as a private university in Vienna

In January 2017 the Republic of Austria awarded accreditation to its newest private university - JAM MUSIC LAB University for Jazz and Popular Music, Vienna.

THE UNIVERSITY: uniquely specialised in Jazz and Popular Music

JAM MUSIC LAB is the first music university, which is holistically specialised in Jazz and Popular Music. The institute is seeking to extend the great tradition of classical music education in Austria by means of contemporary styles in Jazz, Pop and Rock, and thus, navigate towards international excellence. An innovative setup of curricula interactively combines teaching, professional practice and research, and furthermore, focuses on the requirements of the current music market.

STUDENTS: 360˚ education for the next generation of music professionals

The university offers a practically orientated music education for future musicians, music teachers and music producers, who shall be able to compete with international standards.

It is one of the important aims of the mission statement to not only be satisfied with excellency in the context of teaching, but also to be able to support the career entry of the students and to reach top ratings in terms of the employability of its graduates. As the first institute of its kind, JAM MUSIC LAB offers committed work experience opportunities, which are systematically integrated into the curriculum.

To ensure that this goal is reached, it is an important strategy to work on the various necessary aspects and abilities required to work as a musician, but also to support the individual strengths and talents of the students. Furthermore, we focus on developing a strong sense of professionalism during the course of their work experience. JAM MUSIC LAB graduates therefore possess greater advantages over their competitors: parallel to their individual developments as young artists, they also have the opportunity to experience and engage with work-related challenges that may arise in such a competitive market. Based on these experiences, they are able to plan an appropriate start and focus on their careers.

Study offers

A four-year bachelor as well as a two-year master degree can be obtained in Performance as well as in Music Education. A course in Music for Media and Film Scoring is offered as well, which specialises in music production for cinema, theatre, commercial production and video games.

  • Artistic Major: Instrumental and Vocal Performance, Composition, Music Theory
  • Music Education: Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy
  • Media Music: Film Scoring and Music Production


Studies at JAM MUSIC LAB are recognised by the Bologna Process such as bachelor and master studies in Arts of Music and Music Education.

The following degrees can be obtained:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (240 ECTS)
  • Master of Arts in Music (120 ECTS)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education – IGP (240 ECTS)
  • Master of Arts in Music Education – IGP (120 ECTS)

Internationally Renowned Tutors

The faculty staff at JAM Music Lab University comprises of the finest international instructors in the musical genres of Jazz and Popular Music, including Grammy Award winning musicians and producers, as well as top class international soloists, music educators and music scholars.

LIVING IN VIENNA: Accomodation

Vienna as a location is internationally highly regarded for professional music education. It is a beautiful and secure place in the centre of Europe with a great musical tradition and very high living standards and quality of life. It’s therefore one of the most attractive places to live and study music, and it offers the ideal requirements for building up a music career.

JAM MUSIC LAB is located at Gasometer Music City, a university campus of a total area of over 11,000 m2, which includes student accommodation.

The location of Gasometer Music City has been guaranteed for a long-term lease period by the city of Vienna. Its dimension and appearance as an urbane landmark in the Viennese district of Simmering affords us the best possible qualities for successful marketing concepts towards potential customers on the international music scene.


The first bachelor and master studies will start in September 2017.
Auditions are starting in June 2017. We are happy to provide you with all relevant and necessary information. Please direct your application to:


Our dedicated new website for JAM UNIVERSITY will be online soon.